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Worthy Park Single Estate 2006 12 YO Cask Strength

Worthy Park was established back in 1670, and started producing rum in 1741. It is the oldest plantation distillery in Jamaica still operating. It was closed in 1962 but re-opened in 2005. This particular rum was distilled 2006 and bottled 2018, and it was matured for 12 years in ex-bourbon casks at the distillery.

The Facts

Origin: Worthy Park Estate Raw material: Molasses

Fermentation: up to 2-3 weeks for their high estery rums

Distillation: Forsyth pot still

Year of distillation: 2006

ABV: 56.0 %

Esters (g/hL AA): probably a blend of WPL 60-119 (Worthy Park Light) and WPM (Worthy Park Medium) 120-239 - so at a guess around 150+

Ageing: 12 years on the estate

My tasting notes

Nose: A bit shy at first. There is some fruitiness. Then vanilla and caramel. With time also a mild funkiness.

Taste: Full bodied. Lots of herbal honey, creamy vanilla, and spicy marshmallows.

Finish: Long finish. Fruity hard candy, green herbs, ginger, vanilla and caramel. More of the funk in the finish.

Comment: Funky candy store!

Score 92/100


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