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Pixan 15 Anos

Here is an aged rum from a distillery located in the North East of Mexico.

The Facts

Origin: Destileria Espiritus del Norte, Monterray, Mexico Raw material: Molasses from the city of San Luis Potosi

Fermentation: ?

Distillation: pot stills?

Year of distillation: core range product

ABV: 40.0 %

Esters (g/hL AA): ?

Ageing: 15 years in American oak ex-bourbon casks

Additives: No data found. thefatrumpirate has measured a lot of additives in the Pixan 8 YO though.

My tasting notes

Nose: Mild spices and hints of dust. With time tons of vanilla sweetness - almost overwhelmingly so. Red berries, tropical fruits and mild spices. Earthy vanilla as well. With time also notes of tobacco and leather.

Taste: Medium body. Massively sweet - it is a light and vanilla heavy sweetness. Mild tropical fruits. Fruity hard candy covered in icing sugar.White pepper and dry peanut shells.

Finish: Medium long finish. The same sweet fruitiness all the way. Mildly oaky now - hints of tannins. Bitter oranges.

Comment: Enjoyable if you have a sweet tooth.

Score 82/100


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