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Chalong Bay Wild Fermentation

Chalong Bay Distillery is a rum distillery located in Phuket, Thailand. They produce rum using 100% natural first press sugar cane juice. The sugar cane is all grown in Thailand. All their rum products are “rested for a minimum of 8 months before being bottled”.

The Facts

Origin : Chalong Bay Distillery Raw material : Sugar cane juice

Fermentation: ?

Distillation : French made copper alembic still

Year of distillation: core range product

ABV: 49 %

Esters (g/hL AA): ?

Ageing : unaged

My tasting notes

Nose: Funky, estery, fruity and vegetal. Farmyard with tropical fruits. Hints of yeast. Overripe banana. Vanilla. A whole lot going on here!

Taste: Rich and creamy. Funky, with lots of pepper. Sort of dry in character. Sugary sweet, but not a whole lot. Notes of citrus also now; lime in particular.

Finish: Medium long finish. More of the same, yet a little darker and with hints of nuts.

Comment: Robust and funky!

Score 85/100


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